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PA14 Uriel

PA14 Uriel

Archangel Uriel is a beautiful powerful Archangel. His/her name means “light of God” or the “light and fire of the divine”. This archangel is regarded as one of the wisest archangels. He/she brings illumination and brilliant new ideas to you when you call upon him/her for guidance. Archangel Uriel is very good for providing a sense of stability, support and presence, particularly if you have found life to be challenging or feel you need more support. I always feel Archangel Uriel’s energy to be very protective. He/She is extremely good at assisting with any kind of emotional healing and can bring great peace and support during times of crisis. I often experience this beautiful archangel’s energy as being red, golden or golden red. The way you perceive this beautiful archangel will depend of your own connection. Archangel Uriel is especially good for those who are feeling vulnerable, weakened, insecure, powerless and ungrounded. Archangel Uriel is happy to assist at any time for any kind of emotional healing or clearing. You can call upon him/her during your meditations and ask that he/she clear any energy that does not serve you out of any situation or issue that you are dealing with. He/She can be called upon with Archangel Michael to provide protection especially if you need extra support or assistance. His/Her energy can provide a barrier between you and a person/situation/issue which is causing you concern. Archangel Uriel is particularly good if you are experiencing issues with boundaries. If someone isn’t respecting your boundaries or is overstepping them Archangel Uriel can support and assist you to reinforce your boundaries. I find he is especially good when working with the lower chakra’s (base, sacral, solar plexus) especially the base chakra but once again that’s just my own personal opinion.

Text by Debbie Boyle  Angelic Connections

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