PA01 Angel Of Compassion

PA01 Angel Of Compassion

The  word angel derived from the  Greek  word  angelos, meaning "messenger."and generally regarded as supernaturalfound in various religionsand  .  In the Western  hemisphere  hold  beliefs  in  angels, often thinking of them as some sort of winged or halo-adorned being that only visits during extreme cases of need. The birth of the depiction of angels with wings really came into existence through artists who wished to share their interpretation about angelic ethereal beings who visit mankind from a higher realm, namely "Heaven." The wings translate the idea quite well that spirits come from above, from the heavens.Angels have many roles. including being  celestial messengers of God accompanying the lonely and as Guardian Angels granting protection. They as intermediaries betweenand.  Angels  operate discretely and often don’t draw attention to themselves as they carry out their assignment of watching over us. There are many miraculous stories of angelic guardians and protectors helping people.



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