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NT04 Guardian Of The Sacred Grove

NT04 Guardian Of The Sacred Grove

The Celts were conscious of the magic and enchantment of the natural world and edges of forests, sacred groves and flowing  rivers  held great fascination and were seen as  interfaces  between  the  material and supernatural worlds, Doors  to an unseen  world that was very close and blessed with healing powers. popular shrines were deemed to be  under the care of a local guardian spirit whose worshippers would perform daily rituals. The Celts and Druids, held trees very sacred especially the Oak and was an important symbol in their religion. They  believed that the Oak represented the World Tree, which ties all three worlds together. Its highest branches reach into  the Upper world, their trunks lived in the Earth world and below its roots were a passageway into the Underworld.
The dragon is a fabulous creature and a universal, symbolic figure that is found in the majority of cultures around the world. Being a creature of the air, as well as water, the dragon as keen eyesight that is otherwise associated with birds. In fact, the very word dragon comes from the Greek ‘to see’. Their keen sight-ness and that they are able to sleep with their eyes open or stay awake through the night helps the dragon to perform his tradition task as guardian of a treasure.

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