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Genuine Agua De Kananga Water 221ml - Shamans Heavy Cleanse

Genuine Agua De Kananga Water 221ml - Shamans Heavy Cleanse

Kananga Water

Kananga Water is much like Florida Water and also holds the same cleansing, blessing and protection properties. (See Florida Water for these details).

The biggest difference between Kananga Water and Florida Water is the aroma and its effect. While the aroma of Florida Water is more citrus and lavender based, the Kananga Water is formulated with the heavier Ylang Ylang essential oil.

The Ylang Ylang in Kananga Water gives it a sweet heavy distinctive aroma and is considered by some to be a more “masculine” fragrance than the lighter softer citrus aroma of Florida Water.

Ylang Ylang is often used to calm and ease tensions and many people use it to “set the mood” because it helps balance male and female energies both within oneself and also between partners. Kananga Water might therefore be an excellent choice for cleansing the bedroom to create a clear relaxed environment for sleep or other activities.

Think of the Florida Water and Kananga Water as female/male counterparts. Both Waters are excellent for cleansing, blessing and protection. The office and kitchen might best benefit from the uplifting aroma of Florida Water, while the bedroom and living room might be better served from the relaxing “ahhhh” of the Kananga Water.

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