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Genuine Agua De Florida Water 270ml (Shamans Cleanse)

Genuine Agua De Florida Water 270ml (Shamans Cleanse)

  • Used as a spray, its refreshing citrus aroma and soothing properties help to clear the mind and support the emotions.
  • Florida Water has been used for centuries to clear heavy, stagnant energy in a room and release negative charges.
  • Florida Water is great to spray around you before leaving your home to strengthen and support your field out in the world and to cleanse you upon returning to keep outside negative energy from coming inside with you.
  • Florida Water provides a powerful energy to support your prayers and to your keep your alters and sacred objects strong and clear. Use as a spray for cleansing and protection during your blessings and rituals or keep some in a sacred bowl in that special place in your home.
  • Note: Florida Water is flammable so do not use it near an open flame.


  • Fragrant zesty lemon that cuts through heavy energies for space clearing.
  • Ideal for personal / general space clearing and cleansing auras and energetic field.
  • Great to use in an atomiser spray bottle with its cleansing and uplifting effect!
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