GD25 Tlachtga

GD25 Tlachtga

The Hill of Tlachtga (Hill of Ward )in County Meath, the ringfort built on the hill was associated not only with the kings of Mide, but also with Munster as well.  The  major festival on Tlachtga was the Druids lighting of the winter fires at Samhain (November 1) and probably lasted for least several days, centring on the god Lugh. Tlachtga is clearly visible from Tara and the fire lit on the eve of Samhain was a prelude to the Samhain Festival at TaraThe site takes it name from Tlachtga (Her name means “Earth Spear”) the daughter of the Druid Mug Ruith  a blind man, taught his daughter Tlachtga all his skills, and became a powerful druidess in Irish mythology. Together they worked with all the best masters of magical knowledge in Ireland and Scotland. She was raped by the three sons of sorcerer Simon Magus, her father's mentor, and returned to Ireland where she gave birth to triplets called Cumma, Doirb and Muach issued from three different fathers. They were born on the hill that would bear the name of their mother. Tlachtga can be seen as a goddess of death and rebirth as well as the sun and lightning. Her subsequent death gave power to the land in the process. Her sons, became the rulers of Munster, Leinster and Connaught. It was said that as long as if they were remembered, no one could claim the land.



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