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PA10 Archangel Haniel

PA10 Archangel Haniel

rchangel Haniel’s name means Grace of God. I work with her particularly closely and have found she is an amazingly beautiful presence to have around. Her energy is so beautiful, pure Grace and she really does soothe all who call upon her.
I always feel the most beautiful pure opalescent blue white light coming in from this Archangel’s energy when she is invoked. Archangel Haniel is particularly good to call upon when you wish to express yourself with grace and poise. I would suggest that you invoke her during meditation and ask and intend that she radiate the pure healing light of Grace within and around you, her healing energy is so powerful yet gentle.
I work closely with her particularly at the full moon when the energies of the moon can draw up old emotions, she can help to sooth turbulent emotions and bring healing to anything coming to light. She also works closely with crystals and the crystal kingdom. Crystals can support deep energy healing for some people. I find that Archangel Haniel can also support those wishing to develop their own natural intuitive abilities. Allowing them to gently surface, surrounding you in angelic light and love as your gifts unfold.
Archangel Haniel was said to have been revered in Babylonian times. I find her energies to be very strong on the Hill of Tara around the time of the Full moon, however maybe that’s just my connection with her.

Debbie Boyle,  Angelic Connections

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