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PA12 Archangel Gabriel

PA12 Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is a loving beautiful archangel to work with. Archangel Gabriel’s name means “God is strength”. For so many reasons I’d recommend you calling forth this angel for support and healing. Archangel Gabriel is particularly good for anyone who is trying to conceive, be it new life or new way of life, Archangel Gabriel is a fabulous angel to call upon.
Gabriel is also the champion of light workers. Those who feel called to raise their vibrations for the betterment of their own lives and of humanity. Gabriel can support and assist you to find the pathway that is most accessible to you and to your highest good. He/she will support and encourage you every step of the way, aligning you to synchronistic events and situations. For those who are natural teachers and leaders you will find Gabriel invaluable guiding you to the right courses and classes, even books and wisdom. This archangel will also help you to channel your own inner wisdom when you are ready.
Archangel Gabriel helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communications. Call upon Archangel Gabriel to help and guide you if you’re a teacher, counselor, writer, actor, artist, singer, journalist, musician or do anything that involves true expression of your most authentic self.
I will normally sense or see golden orange or white when Archangel Gabriel is around, also beautiful floral smells can be a calling sign of this wonderful Archangel. I find Archangel Gabriel can be of particular assistance if you are suffering emotionally or finding it difficult to release toxic emotions, this beautiful loving presence will often shine healing love and light to help dissipate heavy emotions and fear replacing them with uplifting love and healing light.

Debbie Boyle,  Angelic Connections

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