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PA13 Archangel Ariel

PA13 Archangel Ariel

Angels of courage/animal kingdom – Archangel Ariel, lion or lioness of God.
I always see purple and green light around her and sometimes when higher aspect of her steps forward she will come into through the upper heart with turquoise and gold.
 For me she is known as the angelic queen of the angelic elementals. Overseer of nature and the animal kingdom. I always feel her as a feminine presence but that’s just me! One of many angels that you can call forth for strength (although I’d often feel Archangel Uriel, Metatron would be another good angel for this). She instils courage (she would be the strongest angel I personally know who brings in courage but that could be me) and lots of angelic healers who are closely connected with her are stepping forward at this time.
 She works primarily through the heart chakra and can heal the hearts of those wounded or closed down. She also awakens healers through the heart. One of her calling signs is a breeze on your face even if doors and windows are closed. Also a sudden drop in temp can be her, also your feet and legs may be freezing, that’s her energy coming up through the earth.
 When I first experienced her I was meditating and saw and felt I was by the pyramids. I felt like I was under the ground looking up. I saw green energy shining through the sand and saw lion paw prints like I was looking up through the earth and a lion was walking over me. She loves in particular those who have a strong connection with the animal kingdom and all energy healers. Working with her can bring on your angelic spiritual gifts. One of her techniques that I use is called the shimmering mist of Ariel. When invoked it amplifies your ability to see the angelic kingdom. You will only see higher vibrations with this like looking through a special mist into the aura of angels (very powerful you should try it).

Debbie Boyle,  Angelic Connections

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