PG26 Airmid

PG26 Airmid

Airmid, also known as Airmed or Airmeith, is the Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts, she had great magical powers and was one of the Tuatha De Danaan, the most ancient race of deities in Ireland. Airmid was the daughter of Diancecht, the God of Medicine, and the Chief Physician and Magician of the Tuatha De Danaan. She also had four brothers: Miach, Cian, Cethe, and Cu, there can be little doubt that Airmid and her brothers excelled in the healing arts.Tuatha De Danaan fought against the Fir Bolgs in a great war and  Nuada, the King of the Tuatha had his arm severed from his body. Diancecht was assisted by Airmid and Miach to heal the king. It became clear Airmid and Miach’s skills were much greater than their fathers. Airmid was able to regenerate the King’s own arm to perfect working order, then Miach’s surgical skills was able to re-attach it to the King’s body. According to the laws no one could ever be its king, whose body was not completely whole. Jealous at his lesser skills, the father killed his son Miach, One day when Airmid visited Miach’s grave, she was amazed to find 365 healing herbs growing on and around his grave, with one herb for every joint and organ of his body. As Airmid gathered up the herbs they began to speak to her, telling her of the full range of their healing powers She gathered them in different categories and placed them in her cloak. Her father’s hatred did not end with his son’s death and shaking Airmid’s cloak, scattered all the herbs into the wind; thereby making certain that no one except Airmid would ever know the use of the herbs’ healing properties or the secret of how to achieve immortality which was made possible through the herbs proper use.



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