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Manifestation Of The Beloved

Manifestation Of The Beloved

Manifestation Of The Beloved was the first piece of art since new lenses were placed in my  eyes and cataracts were removed. The recovery time was around three months , working on art and viewing computer screens were impossible at this time and so there was a lot of inner reflection. Moving into my 71st year certainly played a large part of the inner observation. As the eyes slowly recovered, I  began to realise how much     brightness of colour I had missed over the years, so it felt like a new chapter opening for me as I started      creating the art with no need of glasses.                                    
.With no particular idea in mind I began to draw and completed the rough in two days, the creative period lasted for 6 weeks. There is obviously a strong male female connection, the story I will leave to you. The Runic      blessings  are from top ‘Blessed Be’,  ‘Peace To  All Beings’,  ‘Freedom To All Beings’ and ‘Love To All Beings’.

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