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Mandarin 10ml

Mandarin 10ml

Mandarin is one of the best oils for children, whether it is to treat their indigestion or simply to calm their hyperactivity and spread an ambiance of peace and happiness. For mothers to be, Mandarin's excellent stretch mark prevention effect will be particularly appreciated. It is a delightful oil to use in aromatherapy skin care products for clearing oily, congested skin and may also be used for a relaxing aroma bath. It is a great oil for nervous tension and restlessness.

Mandarin is one of the best oils for getting in touch with the inner child. It unlocks creative energies that may be penned up inside and helps with letting go of negative emotions. It is an appropriate oil to use at the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle or when initiating new projects. It is excellent for those that are too serious and can't 'let their hair down'. It may be used in child naming celebrations and as a room aroma to welcome a new soul into the world.


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