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Cyprus Organic 10ml

Cyprus Organic 10ml

Eucalyptus is best known for its excellent effect on conditions of the upper respiratory tract, for nasal or bronchial congestion, sinusitis, sinus headaches and practically all symptoms associated with colds and flu. Because E. radiata is less pungent, it is better suited for long-term use to treat persistent cough. It is an excellent room aroma for clearing the air in sick rooms as it will kill most of the bacteria in the air. It also lowers fever and in combination with Lavender can be very effective in the treatment of chickenpox. It is very cooling and can be used to draw the heat from inflammations. It is also a powerful insect repellent and soothes the itch of insect bites. Eucalyptus is also very useful for treating muscle aches and pains, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, neuralgia and weakness. Emotionally, it clears and cools the head and is useful when emotions are 'boiling over'.

Eucalyptus is excellent for purification of ritual tools and ceremonial spaces. It can be used in healing rituals to banish the demons of disease and to purify the sick room. It is a cooling and calming oil, which clears all negative energies and cleanses the atmosphere. Good for clearing the air after an argument.

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