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PA09 Archangel Michael

PA09 Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a truly amazing and loving archangel to work with. He is known as the Archangel of protection and empowerment. He will stand in beside you no matter what is happening in your life ready to help, support, protect and assist you. Archangel Michael will protect you against your own inner demons, negative thoughts and beliefs as well as that which presents itself to you in your life. Michael can and will disconnect negative or draining connections you have with yourself and others. He is only too happy to step in and protect you should you feel you need it. I often see deep blue, purple or gold when this powerful archangel is about. Not everyone will see or sense colours though as each individual has a unique connection with each archangel, so you may have a different experience of this loving archangel.

Debbie Boyle,  Angelic Connections

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