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I have book signed and exhibited my work in many countries and it was often widely thought that I was an Irish artist and lived in     Ireland. The fact that in the 35 years of creating my art and over 50 books that contained a vast amount of art that was drawn from Irish artefacts and sacred places that were copied and adapted from photographs, up until 2011 I hadn't set foot on Irish soil apart from stop overs on my journeys to the United States.
I came to Ireland in 2013 and lived in Union Hall, West Cork for a year  before being offered the gallery space on the Hill Of Tara and where I currently live and work. I have been overwhelmed by the friendship I have received and constantly pinch myself to the fact that a Welshman is creating his art on Tara
What I didn't expect was the overwhelming feeling of connection as I touched ancient stone carvings and stood in places I had painted so many times from photos.  There is a real sense of the landscape being alive, the myths and legends so close to the surface that it feels very easy to dwell in both worlds.
I was very honoured to be asked to exhibit at Newgrange and the 13 pieces of new art I have created for it are my way of saying thank you to Ireland

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