Taos Sage & Cedar 4"- 5" Small Smudge Wand

Taos Sage & Cedar 4"- 5" Small Smudge Wand

TAOS SAGE & CEDAR SMALL SMUDGE STICK Smudge sticks are tightly bound herb wands made from sacred Native American herbs. The term 'smudging' refers to the practice of ritualistic cleansing. Sacred spaces, altars and tools, as well as the auras of the participants are smudged prior to rituals and ceremonies. The cleansing smoke of the sacred herbs purifies the psychic space and creates an aura of protection. Our smudge sticks are freshly made by Native people of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. Light the tip of the smudge stick and let it catch fire briefly, then extinguish the flame and allow to smoulder. Once lit, the stick will smolder for a long time. The smudge stick can be extinguished by placing it into sand-filled dish (never stub them directly into the earth). Kept dry, it can be re-lit another time. Bound with coloured thread, their average size is 10cm.



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