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Spanish Sage 10ml

Spanish Sage 10ml

In aromatherapy, Clary Sage is usually preferred for therapeutic use. Spanish Sage is useful for aromatherapy skin and hair care products as it combats loss of hair and dandruff and can be used for acne, dermatitis and minor cuts. Sage is also useful for checking excessive sweating, especially for menopausal hot flashes. It stimulates menstrual flow and must not be used during pregnancy. It acts on the liver and gallbladder and can be used for congestive conditions. It can also help with emotional disturbances that are due to hormonal imbalances originating in liver problems. Excessive use should be avoided. Epileptics should avoid this oil.

Sage is powerfully protective and cleansing. It can be used to purify a magical space or tools. It is also used for aura and crystal cleansing to dispel negative energies. It may be used in rites of passage and ceremonies in remembrance of the dead. It can also be used for divination and for protection during spirit journeys. It may be helpful as an aide for spiritual studies to deepen insight and understanding into the mysteries.


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