PG18 Maeve and the high king

PG18 Maeve and the high king

Queen Maeve or Medb, is one of the most famous queens in Ireland and she is considered one of the leading characters in the Tain Bo Cuilnge (Cattle Raid of the Cooley) saga and Ulster Cycle. Known as the “Warrior Queen of Connacht”, Maeve is believed to have who ruled over Connaught during the time of Cuchulainn, when her father who was the King of Connacht, went on to become High King of Ireland.Maeve’s first husband was Conchobar mac Nessa, the High King of Ulster, with whom she had a son, Amalghad. Maeve supposedly left Conchobar after taking a disliking to him and is said to have gone on to marry four other kings during her lifetime. To some, she was a goddess and impressive woman, her beauty and sexual prowess were famous, no High King could be crowned without first having the ceremony consummated in the royal bed, such was her fabulous domination!Legend has it that Maeve is buried in a forty foot high stone cairn on the summit of Knocknarea in Sligo, buried upright, always defiantly facing her enemies to the north. In her Goddess form she is the Celtic Goddess of Creation, the Womb, Sex, Protectress of Women, and the Goddess of Sovereignty. 



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