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Lime 10ml

Lime 10ml

Aromatherapy uses for Lime are similar to those for Lemon, though Lime is more refreshing and acts more noticeably on the mind. It fights fatigue and stimulates alertness due to its energising effect on the circulation. It can be used to treat headaches (especially where these arise from exhaustion) and makes a very refreshing compress for feverish conditions. In aromatherapy skin care it can be used to treat brittle nails and in cleansing preparations for spotty and greasy skin. It also acts on corns, warts and boils. It is very effective as a skin toning agent for treating cellulites and broken capillaries. It can be used to clear the air in a sick room and helps clear mucus congestion from the upper respiratory tract. Like other Lemon scented oils Lime repels insects and soothes the itchiness of bites. Use with caution. It may cause a skin reaction in sensitive individuals. Avoid exposing treated skin areas to the sun, as it is photosensitising.

According to Malay folklore evil spirits hate it, which makes it useful for all kinds of ritual cleansing and purification, and above all, for protection. It can be used to protect a newly wed couple, or to avert vampires, or to guard the souls of newborn babies. It is also mentioned as being used for love spells, though it does not feature as an aphrodisiac as such. Lime gives zest and alertness, though it is too energising for meditation. Rather, it strengthens spiritual warriors in the eternal fight against evil.


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