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Grapefruit 10ml

Grapefruit 10ml

Grapefruit oil is primarily used for its effect on cellulites and water retention. It is also valued in aromatherapy skin care products for its skin toning and cleansing properties, which are especially useful for oily or congested skin and acne. It is also a great oil to lift the spirit and provide support in stress related conditions, fatigue, depression and nervous exhaustion.

As a 'newcomer', Grapefruit oil does not have a long established history in magical aromatherapy, which does not mean to say that it is not potent. On the contrary, Grapefruit can be used like other citrus fruit, but will provide even more 'punch'. It is energising and purifying and can be used for ritual cleansing and healing rites. It awakens the senses and promotes mental clarity. It signifies inner strength and resilience in adversity and is an appropriate oil for initiation rituals to aid the renewal of the soul.


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