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Enchanted Map

Enchanted Map

Imagine... between the visible and the unseen is a guiding force that some call Spirit, the Holy Will, the Divine, the Field, or Consciousness

Using this card deck by Colette Baron-Reid will connect you to that larger Consciousness and guide you as you travel along on the journey of your life.

The themes of these 54 cards represent some of the places you'll visit, the conditions you may encounter, and the allies and challengers you'll meet as you navigate a metaphoric map of your life's journey.

Colette Baron-Reid partnered with Dr Alberto Villoldo making the best selling Mystical Shaman Oracle card desk and guide book.

  • Card Size: Approximately 9 x 12.5 cm (3.5 x 5")
  • Pack Includes: A 157 page guidebook and 54 card deck.
  • On the Back of the Guidebook This guidebook will show you how to use the 54 cards in the deck to help yourself on your life's magical adventure. Remember that you never journey alone, and you can never be lost with Spirit as your constant companion, showing you True North. Use these cards in a manner of reverence to the vast Consciousness that is your partner in co-creation. Greater intuitive awareness, self-mastery, and the fulfilment of your deepest desires are only some of the wonderful gifts that are in store for you. Let the Enchantment Map Oracle Cards be your faithful guides as you find the magic and meaning in the story of your life. Your best life awaits....


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