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Bay 10ml

Bay 10ml

Culpeper says 'The Oyl takes away marks of the Skin and Flesh by bruises and dissolveth the congealed Bloud in them: It helpeth also the Itch, Scabs, and Wheals in the Skin.' The ancients swear by this scent as an effective way to ward off infectious viruses. It can also be used for aching joints, muscles and bones, to ease cramps, flatulence and dyspepsia and to promote menstrual flow. However, it can be dangerous during pregnancy. Use with caution.

Bay is used for divination and prophecy. It makes the mind receptive and enables the practitioner to understand and interpret the oracle. It is also used as a protective panacea, to ward off all evil influences and protect against the evil eye or other forms of envy, jealousy and mean spirited daemons.

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